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Inline Type
> Compliant with Telcordia-GR-910 Core
> Low Insertion Loss and Back Reflection
> Definable Attenuation from 1dB to 30dB
> PC,UPC and APC Polish Types
> Available with FC,SC,ST,LC and MU Terminations
> RoHS Compliance
  > Telecommunications Applications
> Local Area Network
> FTTH and FTTx
> DWDM Applications
> Test & Measurement
> Optical Fiber Sensors
Optical Performance
M-F Plug Type/ In line Type
F-F Adaptor Type
Operating Wavelength
SM 1260-1600nm MM 1260-1320nm
Testing Wavelength
SM: 1310nm / 1550nm
MM: 850nm / 1300nm
Attenuation Accuracy
1-9 dB 0.5dB
10-30dB 10%of Attenuation Value
Return Loss
≥45 dB (PC)
≥50 dB (UPC)
≥ 60 dB (APC)
Input Power (Max.)
<0.20 dB Typical, 1000 matings
Operating Temp.
< - 20 ~ +75
Storage Temp.
-40 ~ +85
Connection Type Model Attenuation Value


M-F=Male to Famale
F-F=Female to female
INL=Inline Type


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