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1.25MM&2.5MM Fiber Cleaner

The one-click fiber optic cleaner pen is easy to use and can be used to clean connectors and exposed 2.5mm collars in the fiber optic cable adapter. 

Simply insert the cleaner into the adapter and push it until you hear a “click”. The push cleaner uses a mechanical push operation to push the optical-grade cleaning tape while rotating the cleaning head to ensure that the fiber end surface is effective but gentle clean.


>Simple pushing motion to engage tool

>Audible click to alert the operator when tool is fully engaged

>Up to 800 engagements per unit

>Dry cleaning strand eliminates the need for solvents to be effective

>Available for SC and LC connectors

>Dust-proof design


>Fiber network panels and assemblies
>Outdoor FTTX applications
>Cable assembly production facility
>Testing laboratories
>Server, switches, and routers with SC/FC/ST interface