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IPA Wipes

Pre-saturated wipes for general cleaning applications. 

This Wipe are a tough non woven engineering wipe impregnated with quick evaporating IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) for the removal of grease, grime and marking inks from all metal surfaces.


   >Safe on Plastics

   >Rapidly Evaporating
   >Zero Residue
   >Lint-free Fabric

   >Digital Printers & Print Heads
   >Tape Recorder Heads
   >Printed Circuit Boards
   >Connectors & Gold Fingers
   >Microwave & Telephone Circuitry
   >Computers , Photocopiers & Office Equipment
   >LCD Panels
   >Medical Equipment
   >Flux Cleaning & Removal
   >Optics & Fiber Optics , Fiber Optic Connectors
   >Phonograph Recorders , Vinyl LP’s , Cd’s , DVD’s
   >Photographic Negatives & Transparencies
   >Metal & Composite Surfaces Prior to Painting


   >Unfolded Size(cm): 15.24 X 15.24
   >Folded Size(cm):40X40( Four Fold)
   >Chemical Component: 99% pure isopropyl alcohol