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Fiber Clean Sticks

The Stick Type Connector Cleaner uses dry alcohol-free cloth, its stick-type shape makes it a superb tool for cleaning connector ferrule end face located in difficult spots inside the adaptors. One piece of stick type cleaner can be used for four wipes for equipment construction and one wipe for maintenance purpose. Two models serve almost all types of connectors.


   >Safe on Plastics

   >Rapidly Evaporating
   >Zero Residue
   >Lint-free Fabric

   >Digital Printers & Print Heads
   >Tape Recorder Heads
   >Printed Circuit Boards
   >Connectors & Gold Fingers
   >Microwave & Telephone Circuitry
   >Computers , Photocopiers & Office Equipment
   >LCD Panels
   >Medical Equipment
   >Flux Cleaning & Removal
   >Optics & Fiber Optics , Fiber Optic Connectors
   >Phonograph Recorders , Vinyl LP’s , Cd’s , DVD’s
   >Photographic Negatives & Transparencies
   >Metal & Composite Surfaces Prior to Painting


   >Unfolded Size(cm): 15.24 X 15.24
   >Folded Size(cm):40X40( Four Fold)
   >Chemical Component: 99% pure isopropyl alcohol